Learning +

In Vedavalli, learning is an experience. We believe that learning happens in various ways as children’s interests vary. On an ongoing basis, we expose the children to various kinds of activities and events.

Through Special Programmes such as Founders’ Day, Investiture Ceremony and others, children get

to know more about the school and its ideals. Programmes like the Project Day, Inter School Quiz and

the School Carnival are opportunities for children to conduct events within the school.


Special Days like the Anti-Drug day and World Aids Day provide an opportunity for the children to learn

more about the imminent problems in the world. We celebrate National Days such as Independence Day

and Teacher’s Day which encourages the spirit of participation among them. We discuss the dignity

through work on Helper’s Day when the students engage with our support staff.


The children take field trips throughout the year to supplement their learning. People from various walks

of life interact with both the primary and the senior students. This helps the children understand different

professionals and their role in the society.


In order for the students to better understand civics and government, we implemented a house system

where the children and staff belong to four different houses. In each house, three senior students,

who are elected democractically, hold leadership positions where they mobilize the younger students

for various inter-house events and competitions. The houses have been named after four Indian

Nobel Laureates – Mother Teresa, Chandrashekar, CV Raman and Rabindranath Tagore.

This motivates the students to get to know about the major contributors in various fields in our country.


The Joy of Doing: This programme was started to provide exposure to children in various skills

required in our everyday life. Around 12 to 14 skills have been identified (each year there is an addition

and deletion based on review) like stitching, cooking, plumbing, self defense, kolam, gardening,

making flower garlands and many others. A vertical grouping of students of classes 6, 7 and 8 is created

for this programme. Teachers from different levels who are familiar with these skills run these programmes

on a weekly basis. A display or a project is done and displayed by the end of the academic year.


Festivals and Special Programmes: To create more empathy among our students, we have focused

on diversity through festivals. Many of us do not understand festivals celebrated by different religions.

Classes take responsibility to present these programmes to the rest of the school.

Through this we are able to encourage creativity and event coordination.