R Parthasarathy

(Managing Trustee, AVT)
Vice Chairman & MD, Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd., Ranipet

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”- Benjamin Franklin
In my years of work in my company, I have had to recruit bright young people who we had to train for their jobs as they had no practical knowledge of what they learnt. The fundamentals have to be taught well in school and I believe that they are best understood and learnt only by doing. I feel children must be encouraged to experiment and explore, make mistakes and learn from them. Our children will learn faster and better if they have no fear of being wrong and if the adults around encourage them. These ideals are put into practice at Vedavalli Vidyalaya.

R. Sampath

Chairman & MD, Ultramarine & Pigments Ltd., Ranipet

Our children must be exposed to diversity. Schools must represent the spectrum of our society. Diversity makes for a richer environment. Schools must make this possible for sharing of society’s richness from differing backgrounds of children, as also develop a spirit of compassion and tolerance in them. The best of manhood is exemplified in his character and education is meaningful only if it is character making. These are carefully planned and implemented in our schools.

Bhooma Parthasarathy

Director, Thirumalai Charity Trust, Ranipet

At Vedavalli we strive to offer varied programmes for each student to uncover his/her potential.We understand that employability and career growth depend on more than knowledge and skills--the individual's sense of self worth, confidence, and ability to lead and work in teams. Children must have sufficient opportunities to develop diverse interests and hobbies that would pave the way for their physical, emotional and spiritual well being in their adulthood. 

Susheela Raghavan

Educationist, Chennai

In the doctrinaire world of education, it has become just a tool for testing.  It does not allow individuals to blossom. ‘Holistic education’ does not mean giving children various types of exposures. But taking multiple intelligence as an important factor for individuals to blossom. This also means giving both the teachers and children sufficient mental and physical space to function. This freedom will alone give opportunities to blossom. The alumni of the school reflect the philosophy and the vision that they absorbed in the school.

Shanthi Ranganathan

Correspondent, Swami Dayananda  Hr.Sec.School and Padma Narasimhan Industrial Training Institute.

C. R. Chandrabob

Tax Consultant & Chartered Accountant, Ranipet

Asha Thomas

Chairperson, The Samitha Academy, Bangalore

School education is a partnership of the student, the parent and the teacher. However schools enjoy a unique position that can help shape both the intellect and the character. They need to go beyond preparing students to be consumers of knowledge, making learners who look to others for the 'right' answers, telling them what to think and promoting unthinking acceptance. An enduring education should equip students with the skills of how to think, to not fear 'not knowing', to be curious, to enjoy the process of learning and to form the habits of a thinking mind. They also strongly influence the development of an individual's value system. Thus, as builders and shapers of intellect and character, schools can be powerful change agents in an evolving world order.  

Deepa Braganza

Professor and Head of Psychiatry, Christian Medical College, Vellore.

I am delighted to be a trustee of this school board because they are providing scholarships to the deserving is a step towards correcting the question of accessibility. Second, it aims to achieve a balance in the need for children to be equipped to deal with the race of entrance exams and the importance of addressing other needs – to impart a sense of self-esteem and confidence, the ability to work cooperatively, the skills of organising and working in a group, to be sensitive to issues related to the environment, to think about gender equality and human rights.

Meera Parthasarathy

Vice President, Customer Broadcast, Division of UPL, Chennai

It is important that the school teaches us to deal with the world as it is and not just as we wish it was, while at the same time, preserving a child's sense of wonder, joy and enthusiasm.When students leave us for an increasingly fast changing world, they should be able to handle not just the pressures of board exams and entrance exams and job interviews but also have the ability to work in diverse groups and acknowledge disparate opinions while having the strength to stand up for what they believe in.

Ramya Bharathram

Executive Director, Thirumalai Chemicals Limited

Like all organisations, schools also have to adapt to change. Our children need to be taught to function in this fast changing world. Many a time, teachers become overwhelmed with how much the world has changed and worry about how and what to teach in these fast changing times.  If our school can teach the children to accept change, to not be afraid of it but be willing to learn and work in the changed environment to achieve their goals, we can be sure that they will succeed.