The teachers that work at Vedavalli look forward to a high quality of engagement with the students, and fellow teachers. Vedavalli believes that the school has to be a dynamic system where, while we might be teaching the same topic over the years, our students are constantly changing, and coming in with new world views. This calls for innovative methods of teaching to keep their attention and make sure learning remains fun.


The administration at Vedavalli helps provide structural support to the staff at the school. They also have seen the evolution of the community over the years and advocate for an open forum for discussion as ways to make change happen. The administration ensures smooth operation of the school by adhering to good standards of management, be it the selection of staff, transport management, facilities maintenance and up gradation and so on.

Ms. Vidya Sampath

 Dean and Director
The Akshaya Vidya Trust

Mr. M.K. Anantha Raman

Director - Administration

Vedavalli Vidyalaya School

Walajapet, Ranipet

Ms. J. Nirmala

Senior Principal
Vedavalli Vidyalaya Senior Secondary School

Ms. N. Banu


Vedavalli Vidyalaya (Nursery Primary School) Senior Secondary School