Over the two decades that Vedavalli Schools has been around, we strive to continuously evolve, challenge ourselves and our students and learn from mistakes. We were one of the first to say that only marks were not enough to gauge a student's potential, we were the first to build a world class library in Ranipet, the first to build a science park for our children to learn from and encourage students to be just as creative in arts as in their studies.

Chronology of events


In 1994 we decided to start a programme called “Project Day” where primary classes 4 and 5 were given a relevant topic they had to research, create models for, and present to visitors. We felt that this was more engaging for them, and got them to think creatively.
  • Started Vedavalli Vidyalaya at Walajapet from Classes 1 - 5
  • Started a Creche for staff children
  • Introduced the Project Day:

  • Formed four Houses
  • Set up an outdoor all purpose room


We launched these two special days in 1995 as a way of bringing the whole school together.


Set up first Computer lab Started class library


When we launched the class library in 1995 we did it to promote reading among the children, but two years later, we realized we needed a bigger space. Now we have one of the best collections of books in the area for both teachers and students.


This goes along with our core belief that students can not be judged only on marks. We introduced this in 1998, when CBSE only implemented it in 2005.


We began the enrichment programme to challenge students who were excelling in their studies.


Each class works on their own handmade magazine together, creating the content and design, encouraging collobration and creativity in writing.


  • First Batch of class XII in State Board Stream


In 2002 we felt it was important for the students to utilize computers so we had class eight and nine present their projects with the help of the computer.


Each student is provided their own set of headphones and listening materials to increase language skills.


  • Introduced Counselling for students and teachers with a qualified counsellor
  • Started the long term inhouse Teacher Training Programme


We created the park to help the students visualize various scientific principles and mechanics.


This seminar for teachers was to commemorate the founder trustee Smt Sathyabama who has been an inspiration to many teachers in the school. This seminar aims to update teachers within the school and other teachers in the neighbouring schools to the latest teaching methodologies.


  • Held Zonal meet for girls


We implemented this programme as a way for the older students to mentor and help the younger students.


  • ECO club tie up with WWF (Word Wide Fund), Vocation Skill Development Programme


from the special week conducted this year. Alumni as Chief Guest.
  • Theatre gains its importance