The Vedavalli Schools

Vedavalli Vidyalaya Senior Secondary School was set up in 1994 by The Akshaya Vidya Trust to provide all round education of good quality.

Over the years, due to the continuous requests from parents, two more schools were set up:

  •  In 1999, Vedavalli Vidyalaya Higher Secondary School under the State Board syllabus at Walajapet.
  • In 2003, Vedavalli Vidyalaya Nursery and Primary School, Senior Secondary School under the CBSE syllabus at Ranipet.

Kindergarten is fun-filled with play way learning, Primary school is activity based learning, middle school is for nurturing diverse interests and high school helps children to become independent learners and to develop into competent adults for higher education and life.



The schools have bright classrooms, English, Math and Science labs, libraries, AV rooms, playgrounds, an auditorium and are surrounded by greenery to offer an excellent environment for learning. We have a science park where children have hands-on experiences and spaces for physical activities like basketball and tennis courts. For our teachers, we provide a crèche and access to their own resource rooms so that they can be better prepared for every class.

Every aspect of Vedavalli Vidyalaya, from curriculum design to classroom organization, is carefully and creatively planned to ensure a congenial atmosphere for academic pursuit and individual growth.


We try to understand individual potential, and provide opportunities to nurture talent. We periodically review existing programmes to continually update and engage in new ideas.