• At Vedavalli, our philosophies drive the implementation of programs.
  • We strive to keep them in mind as we explore new ideas and new curriculum.

  • First and foremost: we believe child-friendly atmosphere is essential for learning.
  • The school environment must cater to the child & his/her needs.

  • We encourage open communication between the teachers & the students.
  • This supports the children to think and express their ideas and convictions freely.

We believe in the joy of learning through the joy of doing. Self-learning is one of our most important goals.

  • We strive to promote responsible citizenship by instilling in young minds discipline,
  • tolerance, compassion, a desire to share and a willingness to serve society.

  • We provide a platform for our children to understand and appreciate their country’s culture and heritage.
  • We nurture an awareness of local nature, art, dance and music.

  • We recognize the intrinsic individuality and different talents of every child and work
  • towards optimal development of his potential.

  • We believe in continuous teacher training and development so that our teachers remain
  • stimulated and engaged.

We promote outdoor, physical, and team sport activities so that the children connect mind and body.

  • We review our performance periodically and make suitable modifications to keep pace
  • with the changing needs of the students.