D. K. Hema Hari

Researcher and Author in Indian Civilization Studies,

Founder of Bharath Gyan

The Akshaya Vidya Trust and the Vedavalli Vidyalaya schools under it have been established around where the founding family lives and conducts their life and business. In this, one can very clearly see their idea of giving back and contributing to the society they live in, which is one of the key Civilizational principles of our land Bharat. The concept of giving or Daanam, comes from the root Da, which means to give. This Da is also the root for words such as Donate as well as Debt. Every time we donate, whether our wealth, effort or time, we are in a way also repaying the debt we owe to our ancestors and society for all that they have given us too.Of all the things to give, Vidya Dhanam is considered high in the list. The reasons for this are many. Two among them being, 

1. this is one item which grows in one's hands even when given away, and

2. when one imparts skills to read and write, one is also paving the way for making the gift permanent, since the 3Rs - Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic are the way to communicate thought and give a lasting form to thought and speech.

Is it any wonder then, that this trust is called Akshaya Vidya Trust? For, Akshaya means that which never diminishes. I have known of this school since when it started decades ago. The place where it took birth was a rural hinterland then. Since then, along with the locality, this school has also grown into 2 institutions and has educated successive batches of students . This Trust, along with other Trusts run by the founding family, in the field of Medicare and Social Welfare have helped develop the demography of the society in and around the now bustling towns of Walajapet and Ranipet. 

Today, these schools have built a name for themselves and Vedavalli Vidyalaya Schools serve as thought leaders in the field of education in North TamilNadu. Spearheaded by successful professionals on the board, all efforts are put in with attention to details in order to ensure that the best of facilities, effective pedagogy of educating, quality teaching and plenty of opportunities are given to the children to develop both hard and soft skills as well as values and self-confidence to blossom as successful human beings in society.

I am proud to be associated with such a trust, working towards such an uplifting goal.